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Friday, August 31, 2007

what to do with an empty notebook

When you buy a brand new, clean, fresh notebook do you have a difficult time to actually start writing in it and using it? I do. Often when I get a new notebook I will not write anything in it for a long time. I will carry it around. I will move it from one place to another on my desk and book shelves. But, it will often take some time before I actually add ink, ideas, and information to the pages.

When I do start using the notebook, I never start on the first page. I skip a few. Why? I don't know. I justify this to myself with the idea that I am preserving a little bit of the notebook's purity and innocence by starting somewhere in the middle.

If you have an empty notebook and you need some help with what to put in you notebook, here are ten ideas I found on Moleksinerie

1) New words that I have learned that day.

2) Mind maps of my goals for the week, month, year.

3) Creative writing such as poems and short stories.

4) Mental stresses and tensions that I notice I feel during the day, the thoughts I felt that caused those stresses and alternative more positive thoughts in order to reduce those stresses for the future.

5) Sketches to exercise the right side of the brain.

6) Reviews of movies, music or television etc.

7) Books I want to read in the future, movies I wish to see and music I wish to listen to etc.

8) General “dear diary” prose including my observations, thoughts and feelings relating to the day.

9) Any physical tensions and what may have caused them.

10)Ideas for my blog.

What do you write in your notebook?

"10 Things to Write in Your Notebook" By Allen.Galbraith
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