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Sunday, September 2, 2007

stand tall

Nun Party
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I attended a small parochial grade school a long time ago. Our principal was Sister Andrea and our fifth grade teacher was Sister Emily. They were your typical elementary school teachers, except they wore a veil and were a lot older. They were the two nuns who were teachers when I started first grade and finished eighth grade. There were other nuns who were teachers throughout my eight years at St. John's, but Sisters Andrea and Emily stand out first and foremost in my memory.

I was reminded of these ladies and their teachings today when I found and read The Manager's Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense Rules for Leaders - Inside CRM in my news reader. (Side note: I am currently using Google Reader. I switched from Bloglines a few weeks back.)

As students we often heard the first seven of the common sense list from these two nuns. Whether we were standing in line for the lavatory, were eating lunch at our desks, or were practicing our part in the holiday school play.

Sisters Andrea and Emily might have known something after all.

1. Stand tall.
2. Take your hands out of your pockets.
3. Stand with your arms crossed behind your back.
4. Make eye contact.
5. Sit up straight.
6. Face the person you're talking to.
7. Shake hands firmly.

The Manager's Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense Rules for Leaders - Inside CRM
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