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Monday, February 15, 2010

Team Lustig

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Team Lustig participated in the Kyle Satrom Memorial Junior Bonspiel at the St. Paul Curling Club this past weekend for the third year in a row. And they played pretty well. All of they boys played better more consistently for more ends and games than I think I've ever watched before. It was fun to watch. They went 3 and 1 and played well enough to finish 4th out of 17 teams and got to play in the championship event where they took 2nd in the 2nd Event.

The boys were pretty proud that they advanced on and finally got to participate in the procession and be piped onto the ice for their final event. And to have your team's name announced and introduced to all of the other players, parents, and other onlookers, the boys were feeling good.

Nate and his team did great and are now looking forward to the next event. And after watching how well they played, I am too.

A few more pictures of the boys on flickr.
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